Friday, February 8, 2008

Other Desserts

I love cooking, I love baking; here are some other fine desserts I like to make- (some pics are bad- ah the convenient cell phone cam!) Peach Crème brûlée tart Mint chocolate tort Flourless chocolate coffee cake (named for a missing ingredient)

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Sugar Flower basket cake

Here are some pictures (and close up details) from a sugar flower cake I made with a basket weave on the sides. LOTS of icing... :)

More 3-D and sculpted cakes.

Package cake! Cello cake for a friend; could pass off as a violin too. Chocolate cake with raspberry filling, chocolate ganash topping with dark chocolate and white chocolate accents.

Fondant and 3-D Cakes

This was my first Fondant cake! Leaves and Pumpkins for a fall theme. This playmobil girl cake was for my birthday party! It took around three days to make, everything is edible; vanila cake with chocolate bc, and chocolate fondant, with white chocolate legs and neck sash.
Tardis cake cake for a Dr. Who fan. Homemade vanilla MMF, vanilla bc and cake.