Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Congratulations Izzy and E!

I was asked to cater my close friends’ wedding reception. I love to cook, and I specialize in special diet/ dietary restrictions (such as gluten-free in this case), and cook (and eat) vegetarian foods exclusively. I was SO thankful for this opportunity and had so much fun with every aspect of the catering- from planning the menu, to shopping for food, to making everything from scratch (except the polenta and bread-bread was for those fortunate enough to eat gluten) to pitting and stuffing over 100 cherry tomatoes only two hours before the event (still had to get ready!) to insure freshness. My philosophy behind the dishes I prepared was to introduce people to exciting, flavorful gluten-free vegetarian foods, that aren't boring, or bland. The party turnout was around 50(?) people and I received many compliments, each person seemed to have a different favorite. Here are some pictures I took of the dishes; better pictures are coming soon (as I was a little shaky while taking these…)