Sunday, October 24, 2010

Reunited and it feels so good!

This golden carrot cake was a total joy to make! It was a last minute request I received (a lot of requests I get are this way, and I usually don't do it because I think it's dangerous!!) and decided to take, since I love carrot cake. I made it using organic carrots (this is a time-saver read: no peeling!) that still have their greens and roots attached, (these I find taste the most "real" and sweet) toasted whole walnuts, chopped, and golden raisins. The icing was cream-cheese; my favorite version. I take my classic buttercream (this isn't a "powdered sugar" version) and add in enough cream cheese to where I can really start to taste it, but it doesn't totally block out the buttery-lightness and perfectly-sweetness of the buttercream. Oh, this cake is so good.

Benny is so funny; she always "begs" on this small stool I have in the kitchen:

Loved how the colors turned out:

I was pleased with the ease at which I was able to turn this cake out; plus it was so fun and went so flawlessly!